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Our company, MarciTrans Limited Partnership was founded in 2006 as a family business in Kalocsa, Hungary. Our main profile is the international transportation but responding to our customers’ needs, we enhanced our services with domestic transportation.

Our fleet:

1 x 5 pallets -box                             / 1500kg Payload
4 x 8 pallets - Courtainsider              / 1500kg Payolad
1 x 22 pallets - Courtainsider            /  10 to Payload
1 x 23 pallets - Courtainsider            /    6 to Payload

The average age of our vehicles is 3 years, each equipped with GPS, tracking system, cargo securing. Our company has a CMR insurance of 50.000 dollar and domestic cargo insurance as well.

We offer services with short term deadlines and excellent quality for companies, businesses, private entity, public and local government institutions, foundations and civilian organizations.

We are pleased to stand in front of any challenges e.g. moving, storage or express package delivery. We try to live up to our partners' every expectation, adapt our customers’ demand on price, fast delivery, flexibility and quality.

We fulfill our transport orders with our own qualified employees. Since the company was founded, almost the same team has been working together, proving our emphasis on appropriate working circumstances and well-qualified team of professionals.

Our mission is to provide quality service with complete satisfaction to our customers in every circumstance.

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MarciTrans LP.

Address: H-6300 Kalocsa

Borsó street 4.

Mobile: 06 30 555 45 97

Phone.: 06 78 898 002

Fax: 06 78 610 104


VAT number:22295008-2-03

Company registration number:03-06-114184