Sprinters with canvas

Carrying capacity: 8 europallets and 1500 kg, for express and part-load transport.

Cargo area dimensions: 420 cm long, 205 cm wide, 220 cm high

Medium duty solo trucks

Carrying capacity : 24 europallets and a load capacity of 9,000 kg, allowing us to get part loads, not full truckloads, to their destination economically and quickly.

Cargo area dimensions: 9.7 m long, 2.45 m wide, 2.8 m high.

Semi-trailer truck (mega)

Carrying capacity : 34 europallets and a load capacity of 24,500 kg, enabling us to deliver complete or partial loads to their destination quickly and economically

Cargo area dimensions: 13.6 m long, 2.48 m wide, 3 m high.